Do you want to know why I hate white people? And why my attitude is so bad?

Because I most def do, and a CDIB card listing a “blood quantum,” of less than 1/4 doesn’t even remotely mean shit to me. I’m one of (perhaps) a few thousand people in north america who know what “whiteness,” is – a system of social priviledge. Not a “race,” or even an ethnicity, whiteness is ruination. It is the source, the groundspring of most of the trouble have experienced/are experiencing/will experience. Whiteness is not necessarily hereditary, but nearly always this is the case. It can be revoked, or discarded, but only at tremendous personal cost….

This afternoon is a good example. I am in a good mood, driving into Quah south on SH82. About four miles out of town I see someone has strung up a dead red wolf on thier fence. The red wolf is a rare species, offically extinct in Oklahoma but there are quite a few around. I see packs several times a year. Anyway I believe this homeowner shot this wolf. (They are too smart to be hit by cars, I have never seen a dead one on the road.) Well how would you feel if you saw one of your cousins strung up dead on the side of the road? Would you feel sick inside? Like taking revenge? Would it have a negative effect on your attitude? Would you learn to internalize your anger over time? Would you learn disassociation techniques?

If you want to call me a “green fascist,” or whatever that’s fine with me. I realize you probably have only limited tools of political and social analysis….but I’m telling you completely honestly – I care more about the wolves of eastern Oklahoma than I do about 99.9 of the white people living in this state of denial

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indian territory and oklahoma history, critical race theory, ethnography, native art, primitivism, marxism, alternative culture, traditional folkways, permaculture, russian and german history 1905-1945, big-game hunting
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4 Responses to Do you want to know why I hate white people? And why my attitude is so bad?

  1. Scott says:

    Amen to caring more about the land and its’ creatures than ‘civilized’ white people:) They deserve what’s coming. Unfortuneately the rest of life on this planet does not:(

    And though I am unfortuneately white by birth, I have been doing what I can to give that up for the past several years. Moved completely off grid to one of the more isolated parts of Kanata’s west coast and live more and more each year on what the land provides by gardening and hunting. I could never go back to the city and have often told others I would rather starve in the bush than go back to their so called ‘civilized’ world.


  2. Desert Dreamer says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I am saddened and enraged at the things white culture has done and is still doing to the land and all our relatives. I am part native but grew up in white culture, I wish I knew more about my native ancestors than just a few stories, names and bits of knowledge.

  3. ann ehnström says:

    thnaks for sharing this story, i love wolfs we have them to in Sweden, my friend has a mother and her cubs just 2 km from her home, lovely, we love them and i understand you.lots of love to you and bleesings .Ann

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