notes toward a nihilist dictionary

Anarchyism – a social network for american white youth with liberal-leaning politics and mild forms of mental illness.

Atavism – the psychological or moral “reversion” to the psychological or moral status of one’s distant ancestry.

Capital – the accumulation(s) of labor exploitation

Christian Church – public space where anti-nature is taught to the hysterical masses.

Civilization – the systematic alienation of humans from the self,  others and the natural world.

Denial – the liberal utopia.

Economism – a pseudo-science in which practitioners can explain the unknown to the uncaring towards the benefit of the ruling class.

Fundamentalism – overcompensation occurring in individuals who no longer believe their own dogma.

Green Lifestylism – product supplying the white middle class with emotional stimulation and psychological benefits.

Justice – a progressivist fantasy without any basis in the history of civilization.

Late Capitalism – the historical era beginning in September, 2001, marked by the apogee of consumer culture and it’s crisis and decline.

Libertarianism – the white man’s ‘Ghost Dance.’

National Public Radio (NPR) – the ‘Pravda’ of american liberalism.

Native(indigenous) Sovereignty – the assimilated elite’s right to rule.

Negativity – liberal code-word for realism.

Orgasm – the physical sensation which accompanies the loss of desire.

Patriarchy – the social order which resulted from the world-historic defeat and overthrow of the (pre)historic women in council.

Peace – the liquidation of the opposition.

Personal Identity (lack thereof) – the condition in which the western masses exist, rootless and without myth, community or kinship bands (ie- a “society” of such non-identities is no longer a society in the traditional sense of the word.)

Pornography – the logical marriage of alienation and eros.

Post-Modern – the historical era which existed from 1945 to 2001.

Romantic Love – a psychological projection designed to invest the monotheistic “virtue” of monogamy with “higher value.”

Savagism – a lack of alienation towards self, others and the natural world.

(social)Capital – the accumulation(s) of privilege.

Technology – tools which require a specialization of labor to produce.

Whiteness – a social construct of privilege and power invented in the american state of “Virginia” in the 17th century.

Zionism – the Jewish variant of national socialism.

Zizek, Slavoj – a vessel bearing good news.

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indian territory and oklahoma history, critical race theory, ethnography, native art, primitivism, marxism, alternative culture, traditional folkways, permaculture, russian and german history 1905-1945, big-game hunting
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