john brown at occupy and in walks ted nugent

John Brown At Occupy And In Walks Ted Nugent

What would happen if John Brown showed up at an Occupy meeting or leftist academic conference? I can imagine him giving his pitch as he did in Boston back in the days of yore. I do not believe he would be well received, “Authoritarian!” They would hiss at him, “Leninist! Adventurism!”

Clearly Brown lacked what is now called, “A commitment to nonviolent social activism.” His activities in Kansas resemble nothing so much as the early actions of Peru’s Shining Path guerrillas. He and his men dragged fathers and sons out of their houses and murdered them in their front yards This was pure terrorism. Murder to make a political point.

Why did Brown pursue this, “method of critique?” It had become clear that the abolitionist ‘Free State’ settlers were a liberal minority within Kansas. The proslavery southern settlers were a violent and intimidating majority. This was unlikely to change and the Free State folks had lost their stomach for conflict. Brown made no effort to educate or enlighten his political enemies. He expended no energy to, “Win them over.” He wasn’t interested in changing people’s minds. His only goal was to free as many black slaves as possible. Quite literally, by any means necessary.

Realizing the Free State contingent had lost the political struggle in Kansas Brown stepped completely outside the law. The series of murders he and his men committed were intended to so inflame the Proslavery forces that the Free Staters would have no choice – they would either stand up together and fight or they would be massacred piecemeal.

Of course Brown fled the west with a price on his head but eventually his plan succeeded, Kansas became free soil. During the Civil War tens of thousands of free blacks, runaway slaves and unionist indians sought refuge in Kansas after fleeing Arkansas and Indian Territory.

It seems far-fetched that the american left could produce such a figure such as Brown nowadays. Infected with chronic liberalism american leftists can only repeat the mantras – “Educate! Organize!” And no doubt they will still be selling this pie in the sky when Mumbai-style slums surround Newark and Houston. “Analysis with paralysis,” as Lorenzo Komboa Ervin says.

But it seems highly likely that the american right could produce another Tim McVeigh. Or a thousand of them. All too soon perhaps the U.S. military will begin dumping tens of thousands of (former) soldiers and marines onto the streets of america. A handful of them will find gainful employment in police work or municipal street departments but most will be like McVeigh, cast adrift. Despite being an, “American hero,” the best young Tim could do was menial, low-wage employment. In a twist of fate that could perhaps only occur in the Oklahoma/Texas vortex McVeigh’s identification with the mostly black Branch-Davidian cultists lead him into membership in the Aryan Republican Army.

And that was back in the early 90s. After a quick, “victorious” war and at the height of the boom years. Today’s veterans of long lost and meaningless wars return to the poorest job market in seventy years.

Several weeks ago rocker Ted Nugent made headlines when he told assembled National Rifle Association that if Obama were re-elected he (the Nuge) would be, “Dead or in prison one year from now.” A few days later he would repeat this lunacy on a nationally syndicated radio show. Despite all the hype and hoopla about a “post-racial” United States that followed Obama’s 2008 victory it is impossible to overstate the shock and awe that a (nominal) black President of the United States has caused. Firearms sales have been trending steeply up since November 2008. On Black Friday 2011 the one-day sales record for firearms sold in the U.S. was set. That November 2011 set the monthly sales record. December of that year set another monthly record. Violent crime and hunting have been declining for decades now, why in a failing economy and amidst the highest gas prices in history, have people en mass been foregoing other bills and expenditures and buying handguns, rifles and shotguns? Is their subconscious full of thoughts such as Ted Nugent spoke openly?

White america is at a very dangerous point. They are watching their standards of living degrade month to month. The façade of upward mobility seems more and more unlikely. Almost entirely without class consciousness their majority political position is contra to their own economic interest. Their politics are oxymoronic and irrational – flights of fancy such as Obama’s forged birth certificate or “trickle-down” economics. Obama has done little to antagonize the right wing yet they foam at the mouth. Nugent is a multi-millionaire, what problem does he have? Why is entertaining thoughts of political crime in front of an audience of other millionaires? Because he is an irrationalist, he is “against” the reality – white america, soon to be a minority itself, in in unmanageable decline.

We must accept the possibility that (perhaps even unconsciously) the white volk are preparing for a civil war. Obama, his administration, the Democratic Party, professional liberals, the Occupy kids, etc. are making two fundamental errors – they vastly overestimate the stability of north america, and they vastly underestimate dangerousness of irrational white men with guns.

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